Custom Design Essential Oil Stand

Custom Design Essential Oil Stand

  • $10.00

Would you love the chance to design the perfect essential oil stand for your needs?

Be one of the limited few each month that can have the chance to work with us to design your piece.

Terms & Conditions:

- $10 non-refundable deposit buy in, this secures your custom design place to initiate the design consultation process.

- We will email you a link to our design consultation form so you can let us know all your ideas and thoughts for what you are after.

- We will then work with you to provide a quote and design a stand that can meet your needs and budget, whilst keeping in mind certain design specifications and technicalities.

- If you choose to go ahead your stand price will be for the total of the stand LESS the $10 deposit. Production will not commence until full payment is received.

- If you choose to forego your custom spot, you will forfeit the $10 deposit and your spot will be re-allocated.